Data Import

23.09.2008 | eZ Publish

Sehr nützliche Extension für XML- u. CSV-Importe.

Extension : data_importRequires : eZ Publish 4.0.0Authors : Marius Eliassen (me[_at_], Philipp Kamps (pek[_at_]

Summary :The purpose of that extension is to import data from agiven data source (like xml/csv documents) into the eZPublish content tree. This extension is under the GPL.

Concepts :We choose a object oririented approach. Developers need toimplement a SourceHandler that understands the given datasource. The handler is completely independent from theimport operators. The import operators contain the logichow to create/update the content nodes in eZ Publish.

Import Process :Each import process starts with an eZ cronjob script. Thatscript only get an instance of a SourceHandler and anImportOperator. It then runs the ImportOperator.

Get started :Here a quick description how to get started with thatextension - so you can decide if it usefull to you.

- install a vanilla eZ Publish 4.0.0 or higher (select the ezwebin package) - install this extension

- run 2 example imports prompt> php5 runcronjobs.php import_folders_xml prompt> php5 runcronjobs.php import_images_xml


prompt> php5 runcronjobs.php import_folders_cvs prompt> php5 runcronjobs.php import_images_cvs